Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Mayhem on the Roads (1987)

1987 Dry Bones cartoon - mayhem on the roads and the police try to stop the slaughter by checking for unsafe cars.
This Golden Oldie Dry Bones cartoon is from twenty years ago this month. The police, back in March 1987, were trying to fight the outrageously high rate of deaths on the roads. Back then we blamed the roads. We blamed the cars. What we didn't blame was our behavior behind the wheel.

* * *
At the time of this writing, in March 2007, the road fatality plague continues. And this week was particularly bad. Newspaper headlines shout about the carnage. TV newscasters provide voice-overs for the news shots of the crash scenes. The only thing that's changed since this Golden Oldie was first published is that we now blame the drivers and not the "dangerous" roads, or the "unsafe" cars.
* * *

Want to learn more... or maybe help? Check out a wonderful, dedicated volunteer group called Metuna "The Organization for Road Safety".