Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Incitement and the Peace Process

Dry Bones cartoon: Under the Oslo Accords, teaching arab kids that Jews are the spawn of the Devil is incitement, in today's Palestinian authority it's called education.
Folks who say that Israel surrendered land in return for empty promises are wrong. At Oslo we got a commitment to end the anti-Semitic insanity and anti-Jewish incitement that is such an important part of the Mideast equation.

So if the commitments are not being fulfilled, why aren't we demanding action?!

Would you like to see actual footage of official Palestinian TV incitement aimed at children? Check some of 'em out at Palestinian Media Watch.

So my question is simple.

Why aren't the governments of Israel and the "Quartet" taking some kind of action?!

Shouldn't any future Israeli-Palestinian agreement have provisions for the funding of an Anti-Incitement Authority?! An international watchdog committee with teeth?!

And shouldn't such an official Anti-Incitement Authority be expanded to include monitoring incitement in the border states of Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, and Syria?

Your thoughts please?

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