Friday, March 30, 2007

Happy Passover

Dry Bones cartoon: At our Passover Seders we link our generations through time and our families around the world. It is our time of togetherness.
Each year, at our Passover Seders we link with Jewish generations through time and Jews around the world. It is a time of togetherness.

Outside of the borders of the Promised Land there are two Seder nights but here in Israel our one festive Seder meal will be held on Monday evening... and Tuesday will be a holiday.

* * *
Passover week in Israel is a series of days which are "half-holidays" with everybody working shorter and erratic hours. Yesterday (Thursday) I had some print work done in Tel Aviv and the printer suggested that I stop back during "Hol HaMoed" (the half-holidays I mentioned). When I asked what hours his print shop would be open he thought a moment and then just suggested that I "call before stopping in".

So here's my schedule for the coming week. Or at least just the start of it:

Monday morning (Israel time) I'll post a new cartoon
Monday night I'll be crunching matza at a Seder.
Tuesday is a "full" holiday... no work, just matza crunching.
Tuesday evening (Israel time) I'll be posting a Golden Oldie
Wednesday I will put up another new cartoon.

On Wednesday I will also call Tzvika (the printer) to see if and when the Print Shop is open.

* * *
Happy Passover to us All!

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