Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Drowning in their own Sewage

Dry Bones cartoon: Gazans dug up their sewer pipes to make rockets to kill Jews. Now they're drowning in their own sewage.
The latest news from our neighbors in Gaza is a report of a major disaster. A village has been flooded by a massive spill of sewage and mud. The village is close to one of the areas used by the Palestinians to launch rockets at Israeli towns. Here's the story:

6 killed, many missing in Gaza sewage flood
"At least six people killed, thousands evacuated after sewage, mud flood northern Strip Bedouin village of Umm Naser" -more
* * *
More than a month before the disaster there was this little noticed piece of news:
Israel Says PA Using Gaza Sewage Pipes for Kassams
( "Israeli authorities have charged that the Palestinian Authority (PA) is digging up sewage pipes in the Gaza area so that the pipes can be used for Kassam rockets.
The charges were made after the PA accused Israel of causing sewage to be spilled on Gaza's main north-south highway by not allowing needed pipes to move through border crossings."
... and this interesting blog posting from March 5:
"There have been numerous reports about horrible conditions in Gaza due to the raw sewage flowing openly in the streets and being dumped into the sea because of the absence of the sewage system. And of course it was blamed on... yep, Israel. But you'll never guess where the metal pipes intended for the construction of a sewage system in Gaza have been going. They have been used for manufacturing Kassam rockets." --more

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