Thursday, February 15, 2007

Rival Demonstrations (1999)

Dry Bones cartoon 1999: rival Hardei and secular street demonstrations in Israel.
I usually try to find Golden Oldies that deal with topics that are currently in the news. Two days ago when I last had to post a cartoon from the archives, I was feeling lazy. So lazy that I just looked for a old Dry Bones cartoon that had been published on the same day of the month. That cartoon, by chance, turned out to be amazingly appropriate.

Today's news is about rival street demonstrations in Beirut, but I decided to just go with the "Pick Em By Date" technique, and BINGO! We hit again!

The cartoon from February 15, 1999 deals with rival street demonstrations. The 1999 demonstrations were in Israel. The Haredim (usually and incorrectly identified as ultra-orthodox) are clannish, follow their leaders, and consider TV to be sinful. Secular Israeli Jews (i.e. non-observant) are becoming couch potatoes.

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