Monday, February 12, 2007

Hamas and Abbas

Dry Bones cartoon: At meeting in Mecca, Hamas and PLO leader Abbas join forces in a new Palestinian 'unity government' that does not recognize the State of Israel.
When I sat down to do this cartoon about Hamas and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas, an old limerick popped into my head.

There once was a lady from Niger
Who smiled as she rode on a tiger
They returned from the ride,
with the lady inside
And the smile on the face of the tiger

I eventually chose to go with the fairy tale approach. At first I planned to have Condoleeza Rice as Little Red Riding Hood but then decided to have Mr Shuldig read the Palestinian fairy tale to Doobie, his dog.

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For those of you who don't know about the Palestinian "Unity government", here's the story as it's now being reported in the Lebanese Daily Star:

"In Gaza, senior Hamas legislator Mushir al-Masri said a unity government would enjoy 'full Palestinian, Arab and Islamic legitimacy.' As a result, he said, 'the entire international community, the Zionist enemy and the US administration" would have no choice but to deal with a new reality'.

Abbas said that he planned to ask Prime Minister Ismail Haniyya to tender his Cabinet's resignation to open the way for him to form a new government.

A political adviser to Haniyya said on Saturday the new government, expected to be unveiled in the coming days, would not recognize Israel" -more

And here's Yid with a Lid's coverage:

"As predicted, the new united terrorist government of Palestine will not recognize the right of the state of Israel to exist as democratic Jewish nation. In the press you can see the headlines "Israel unsure about agreement," or "Israel frosty about the agreement". It kind of makes you want to hijack a TV network just so you can scream across the world, "HEY WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF IT WAS YOUR KIDS?" Would you be "frosty" if there was a merger of two terrorist organizations that wanted to kill your family? Would you be unsure if they refused to recognize that your country had the right to exist? What if both groups had destroying your county as part of their constitutions?" -more

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