Wednesday, February 07, 2007

And So It Begins

Dry Bones cartoon: Condoleeza Rice calls Hamas Terrorists a 'Resistence Movement'.
The title of the cartoon is "And so it begins". By that I meant the turning away from the Bush administration's pro-Israel, anti-terror position.

News Item:

Rice ripped for avoiding terrorist label on Hamas

A US Jewish group on Monday demanded US Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice immediately retract remarks she made during a press conference in Europe two weeks ago in which she called Hamas a "resistance movement." - more

Many of us expected more from Condi:

"To the State Department Arabists, Jewish blood in Israel was always expendable. That’s why when Dr. Rice became the Secretary of State, there was a collective sigh of relief, as everybody (based on her past record) thought she would clean up the Department from all the old extra baggage… alas, instead they have “reeducated” her…" - more

So what do YOU think?

Was this:

1. Just a slip of Condi's tongue?

2. The State Dept. has re-educated Dr. Rice?

3. Bush is ready to betray us and this is the first step?

Thoughts? Opinions?


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