Friday, January 26, 2007

Shrinking Prez

Dry Bones cartoon: Israel's incredible shrinking president Katsav.
President Katsav shocked the country with an angry tirade against the media, the police, and the rest of the folks who our President believes are plotting against him.

According to Ynet:

Police Officials Say Katsav Is Hysterical
"President's frantic speech draws wave of angry, scornful responses. Internal security minister Dichter says, "President should find first opportunity to apologize for his emotional frenzy." MK Beilin: "Katsav should resign to prevent further denigration of presidential institution" -more

Our first cartoon and comment on this wont-go-away story is here.

According to latest polls, most Israelis think that Katsav should resign.
Others say that if the man has not yet been indicted (and as I write this he still has not ) there's no reason for him to leave office.

So what do YOU think?

Comments please?

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