Thursday, January 11, 2007

Rain (1987)

1987 Dry Bones cartoon -Still Waiting for the Winter Rains.
A Dry Bones cartoon done twenty years ago this month.

To understand the cartoon from January 1987, you've got to know that when it comes to water, Israel depends on its winter "rainy season". And in January of 1987 the much-needed rains had still not appeared. In Israel, family and Bible and country are somehow all rolled into one. So my take on the drought was a Biblical family scene: Mr. and Mrs. Noah on the Ark. Before the flood.

Religious Jews pray for rain on the 7th day of the Jewish month of Heshvan (in the fall).

This year's winter had been quite dry. But suddenly, at the end of December, the skies "opened up". January in this new year of 2007, I'm happy to say, is having its welcome downpour.

Our prayers are being answered... At last.

And to see a video of this winter's first snow and rain in Jerusalem, Click here.