Monday, January 29, 2007

Gaza Warfare

Dry Bones cartoon: The war between the Hamas and Fatah gangs in Gaza does not interfere with their launching rocket attacks on Israel.
It's exactly one year ago, this week since I first used this "man in the street" guy in Gaza. At that time he was explaining the Hamas election victory. You can check out that cartoon and posting by clicking here.

As to what's happening now, according to Ynet:

"Gaza death toll at 26 as clashes continue
Fourth day of infighting claims lives of six Palestinians as feud expands to West Bank. High-ranking officials on both sides continue to be kidnapped as Egypt, Saudi Arabia play mediators in bid to end violence"-more

And, of course:

Islamic Jihad fires 2 Qassams on Israel
"Group's gunmen call on Palestinian factions to focus their efforts against Israel, and not against one another"- more

And so it goes.

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