Friday, January 12, 2007

Cliff Hanger

Dry Bones cartoon: The Surge. George W Bush intends to win the war. A cliff hanger for us all.
Back in the thirties and forties, movie audiences were ensnared by movie serials that were called "cliff hangers". These short adventure films were shown before the main feature. They were called "cliff hangers" because each episode would end with the heroine in a breathtaking and totally impossible predicament. Like hanging from a cliff with no hope of rescue.

Moviegoers were held in suspense for a whole week, waiting for the next installment. Each new episode would begin with the lone, brave hero delighting us with a miraculous rescue of the girl or the thwarting of the evil plot to take over the world.

Can George W pull it off? Will he be able to save us from the Islamist Peril in time? For the thrilling answer we'll all just have to wait and see.

collection of cliff hanger serials.

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