Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Never Say Never !

Olmert and Assad. Syrian guns and tanks back on the Golan Heights? It's like the old Jewish Folk Tale:

A Polish Duke decides to expel all Jews from his lands. The Rabbi and a delegation of Jews go to plead for mercy, but to no avail.

As they turn to leave the Duke's castle, the rabbi points to the nobleman's beautiful hunting dog.

"A really impressive animal," says the rabbi. "Can he speak?" "Of course not" says the Polish Nobleman, "Dogs can't speak."

"In one year," says the rabbi "using my secret Jewish magic, I can teach your dog to speak perfect Polish. In return, all that I ask is peace for the Jews of our little village" .

"Done," says the nobleman. "If the dog talks in a year, you Jews can stay. But if you fail I will have you killed and your people driven from their homes."

On the way back home, the frightened Jews shout at the rabbi, "What have you done?! You promised to teach the dog to talk!!? Are you CRAZY?! One year from now the Duke will kill you and drive us from our homes!! "

"Look" explained the Rabbi "He gave me a whole year,"A lot can happen in a whole year. The dog could die. The Duke could die. I could die... and who knows?!! Maybe the dog will learn to speak."

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