Monday, December 11, 2006

And Mel Makes Two.

The Iraq Study Group Dumps On Israel
Pretty scary stuff for Israelis:
"Jerusalem ( - In its recommendations regarding the Israeli-Arab conflict, the Iraq Study Group's report does not take into consideration the reality on the ground in the Middle East, analysts here said Thursday." -more

...And pro-Democracy Iraqis:

"Nowhere was the Iraq Study Group report met with a stronger rebuke than in the northern Kurdish region of the country where the U.S. has developed its strongest alliance. According to U.S. intelligence sources, Kurdish leaders today reacted to what they fear is another U.S. betrayal of their people by advising all their personnel in Baghdad to develop evacuation plans" -more

The ISG report was, of course, welcomed by many others in the region:

"Many American readers felt I was an Arab extremist. Now, their own officials and senators, from both the Democratic and Republican parties, are in agreement." -more

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