Thursday, November 09, 2006

On The Way Down (1994)

1994 Dry Bones cartoon -Loser Visits.

This cartoon is from November 9, 1994. Exactly 12 years ago today. It's about losers.

The American President (Clinton, not George W.) had won the election two years earlier, but now Americans seemed unhappy with his government. In those midterm elections (1994, not 2006), the opposition party (Republican, not Democrat) swept to victories in congressional, gubernatorial, and state legislative races across the United States.
And so it goes.

The cartoon (above) was published one day after the U.S. 1994 midterm elections turned winners into losers.

The analysis (below) of the U.S. midterm elections of 2006, was just published in the Canadian Globe and Mail and refers to those events of November 1994:

"Just 12 years ago, when Ms. Clinton's husband was in the White House, an anti-government crusade led by Newt Gingrich and his fierce band of radical Republican reformers ended four decades of Democratic control in the House of Representatives in midterm elections that turned U.S. politics upside down."- More

P.S. The Queen never came to visit.

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