Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Their PC Plan

Dry Bones cartoon - Suppress women, stuff 'em into walking body bags, deny their humanity, turn 'em into chattel, beat the crap outa' them, and if we call it a third world 'people of color' religion, Western liberals will keep their mouths shut!
Political Correctness means that you can't suspect someone because he's acting suspicious. Oops! I should've said "because he or she is acting suspicious."

Affirmative action and color discrimination mean exactly the same thing, but one is good and the other is bad.

The present state of PC insanity has Feminists ignoring the horror of genital mutilation and turning a blind eye to the suppression of women in Islamic societies.

Current levels of PC poisoning has the majority of American Jews opposing Israel's greatest friends and allies in America because they are (gulp) Christians or (gasp) Republicans.

The problem is that we no longer have the luxury of playing "let's pretend".
Not if we intend to survive.

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