Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Missile Attacks from South Lebanon ( 1992 )

1992 Dry Bones cartoon -Missile Attacks from South Lebanon src=This "Golden Oldie" cartoon was published on November 14, 1992
...Fourteen years ago!

The attacks upon our cities, and the provocations and the threats were never deemed to be newsworthy by the international media, our problems were ignored by the international community, and our society was split into "right-wingers" and "leftists" as we endlessly debated the question of survival.

All that has now changed.
Our population is unified... and angry.
Our forces are in Lebanon, attempting to hit the Iranian-controlled terrorists who are implanted there in civilian homes and villages and who are now trying to prevent Lebanese civilians from fleeing the battlefield.

And the world media is noticing... Big time!

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