Monday, June 05, 2006

Terrorists in Canada Target Canada!"

Dry Bones cartoon - Terrorists in Canada Target Canada!

A Canadian View:
"These are mostly Canadian born people; raised in Canada; educated in Canada. This is the thanks we get! To be bombed for your buddy Osama. They purchased enough ammonium nitrate to repeat the Oklahoma bombing three times over."
- from a Canadian blog called Garvin

Exactness of Speech:
"There is no such thing as "a terrorist". Terrorism is a tactic. Oh golly it feels good to label groups with that word. Like calling someone a "bastard" or "liar" or "asshole." I have done it myself. Feels great. Yet it confuses things.
The venerable New York Times seems to have forgotten this. The article on a success in Canada yesterday is frustrating. Political correctness is allowing the war/debate/war to be framed with fuzzy logic. To use exactness of speech; you can not fight terrorists. You CAN fight Radical Islamists, Islamic Extremists or Islamic militants or any other group that has used terrorism as a tactic.
-from Brand to be Determined

Not a Border Problem:
"Soon after the announcement of the arrests of 17 alleged terrorists in Ontario the fears of border control filled the newsmedia in the US, threatening attempts to keep the Canada-US border open as possible. But the problem is not one of borders. The alleged terrorists were of the homegrown variety (most were Canadians), thus America should be worrying about its own backyard."
-from Coming Anarchy

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