Thursday, April 13, 2006

Passover. Being there. (1995)

1995 Dry Bones cartoon - Pssover matzah
The Passover Haggadah teaches us to think of this Biblical event and turning point in our history as if each of us had been present at the Exodus from Egypt.
This cartoon is one attempt to see it that way.

The strange thing is that the generation that saw the plagues and that left slavery in Ancient Egypt did not know that they lived in the past.
They thought that they lived in the present, and that we live in the future.
Incredibly, there are generations of our people who think that we live in the past.


All the children yet to be born, the people of the future, who will look back at this dangerous, historic, heroic, and miraculous age we live in... and think of us as living in a mythical past.

The point is that on this holiday all of our generations, past, present, and future, stand together as witnesses to, and participants in the great saga of the "chosen people".

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