Tuesday, December 27, 2005

We Were Tricked! (1994)

Dry Bones cartoon - We Were Innocent 1994
The above cartoon is from 1994. We'd been fooled at Oslo and tricked into believing the sincerity of Arafat's handshake on the White House lawn some months before.

Well it's now months after Israel's withdrawal from the Gaza strip and it would seem, on the surface, that I could run the same cartoon today.

The fact is that I would not run that cartoon today. Sharon did not pull us out of the Gaza Strip to curry favor with the Palestinians. It was a unilateral act taken when we/he determined that we had no real partner for peace.
The ongoing violence is a surprise to no one. I personally believe that the goal was to start getting the wagons in a circle in preparation for the next mid east war. We are going to have to set our own borders and then attempt to defend them. With the Iranians threatening to destroy us, the Palestinians falling deeper under the influence of the Islamofascists, al Queda blowing up Jordanian hotels, and the Syrians murdering Lebanese leaders in the once peaceful country to our north, we no longer are feeling the disappointment expressed in the 1994 cartoon above. We didn't expect more. We're living in reality these days.

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