Thursday, December 15, 2005

Golda (1973)

1973 Dry Bones cartoon - Golda 1973. Israeli Intransigence. This is a really early Dry Bones cartoon. Notice that the Dry Bones title was in a different typeface and not like today's (Cooper Black). Notice that there are six panels and not like today's four-panel Dry Bones cartoons. But also notice that the text could be used today with absolutely no change!

Golda Meir, PM of Israel
In those days the whole world knew "Golda", Israel's cigarette-smoking, tough, grandmotherly, Prime Minister.
The following is from Golda's Obituary:
"Her term of office as Prime Minister began when Israel was in the throes of the War of Attrition and ended with the Yom Kippur War. The Labour Party to which she was devoted was torn by divisions. Unacceptable 'peace proposals' were being put forward by the Great Powers. The situation was daunting for anyone of her age and her poor state of health. But she thrived on difficulties and once in harness, her health improved."
Golda Meir, PM of Israel

It's a curious fact that we remember folks as they were at the end of their lives and not as they were in their youthful years. I thought I'd share this second photo of Golda with you.
Golda as a sexy 18 year-old Jewess, with her amazing life still ahead of her.

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