Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Holy Toledo! (1994)

1994 Dry Bones cartoon - Appeasement
1994. The subject of the cartoon was the widespread appeasement of Arab aggression.

But for me, looking at this cartoon today has a strange new undertone. Let me explain.

A few years ago I went on a trip to Spain after a friend had suggested that I connect with "Jewish history" by visiting the city of Toledo. So I did. There, in Toledo, I got to visit what had been a synagogue until the mobs slaughtered the Jews and the church took the property. The interior walls of the former house of worship had tiles that started at about seven feet high and rose to the ceiling. That was, I figure as high as the marauding Spaniards could reach to rip the tiles off the walls in their frenzy of hate.

I left the building, left Toledo, and drove straight south, seeking "fun in the sun" and trying to forget the images of the slaughter of Jews.

The current rumor in Israel is that there is a secret pact to transfer to the Vatican ownership of parts of Mount Zion in Jerusalem in return for giving Israel ownership of that building in Toledo. It seems to me, and a lot of other Israelis that this, if true, is an outrage. Details here and here, and here.

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