Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Gaza Moves Into Israel?

Dry Bones cartoon - Gaza Convoys on Israeli Territory
I first read this story on DEBKAfile. The specific story is here. I was shocked and angry. Which meant that doing a cartoon was really difficult! When I say "doing" I mean writing it. The drawing is just fun. The writing is often difficult it was in this case. I wanted to make people laugh.
I wrote script after script.
I searched every detail of the story to find a "hook".
Exasperated, I finally began to play with Condi's role as "broker" and came up with the above cartoon.

As an afterthought I added the title.
To be bushwhacked means to be attacked from a hidden place, to be ambushed.
Appropriate ...and a final pun-like tweak to the 'toon.