Friday, October 28, 2005

Iranian Threats

Dry Bones cartoon - Iran threatens Israel
President Ahmadinejad speaks. The World Without ZionismHe's launched "The World Without Zionism" campaign. So maybe you were wondering why a country with as much oil and natural gas as Iran so desperately needs nukes?

The "civilized" world is racist. It has a double standard. It doesn't expect much from Muslim states. Not when it comes to humanitarian aid and not when it comes to civilized behavior.

Of course these days we've got Bloggers to speak out and blow whistles. The following is from a neat German blog (in English) called MedienKritik:
"Anti-Semitic books are not permitted in Germany. Authors and publishers of anti-Semitic literature usually face the full brunt of the law, without regard to their nationality. Public presentation of anti-Semitic literature in Germany is simply not tolerated.Of course, there are exceptions, for instance when the publisher is the Iranian state, as Matthias K√ľntzel observed at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2005."
Iran's "The World Without Zionism" campaign has provoked some Euro-criticism but that too, I expect, will quickly pass.

I couldn't resist doing this light-weight but funny cartoon when I realized that they'd already wiped us off their maps.

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